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Mirfield ARLFC, an amateur rugby league club based in the picturesque town of Mirfield, West Yorkshire, carries a rich legacy of passion and community spirit in the sport of rugby league. The club was relaunched in 2022 following the closure of Mirfield Stags, marking a renewed chapter in its storied existence. This new beginning was set against the backdrop of the original Mirfield ARLFC, which had established itself as a cornerstone of the local sporting community.

The history of rugby league in Mirfield is deeply intertwined with the town’s social fabric, reflecting a strong sporting tradition. Rugby league first took root in the town in the early 20th century, gaining popularity and evolving through various iterations and names over the decades. The original Mirfield ARLFC was a beloved local team, drawing players and supporters from the town and surrounding areas. The club’s influence waned as financial and operational challenges mounted, leading to its eventual dissolution. This left a void in the community that the Mirfield Stags temporarily filled until their own closure prompted the relaunch of Mirfield ARLFC.

In 2022, in an effort to revive the rugby league tradition in Mirfield, former players, fans, and community members came together to reestablish the club. The new Mirfield ARLFC was not just a continuation of the original entity but also a revitalisation of the town’s rugby league aspirations. It fields open age teams that compete in both summer and winter leagues, demonstrating the club’s commitment to providing year-round sporting engagement for its members.

A significant milestone for the newly relaunched club was the introduction of its first junior team at the under-12s level. This initiative is part of a broader strategy to nurture young talent and ensure the sustainability of the club through grassroots development. By engaging young players, Mirfield ARLFC hopes to cultivate a future generation of rugby league enthusiasts and athletes.

The team plays its home games at the Frank Middleton Park, located on Slipper Lane. This venue is named in honour of a former club stalwart, Frank Middleton, who was instrumental in the development of the original club. His contributions are celebrated through the naming of the park, serving as a lasting tribute to his dedication to rugby league and the Mirfield community.

Mirfield ARLFC utilises changing facilities at Old Bank WMC, the site of the original club, preserving a tangible link to its past. Moreover, the club has formed a strong partnership with Mirfield Free Grammar, utilising their sporting facilities for training sessions. This collaboration enhances the club’s training capabilities and provides a foundation for its athletic programmes.

Looking to the future, Mirfield ARLFC harbours ambitions that reflect both its rich heritage and forward-looking vision. The club aims to launch additional junior teams, compete at the highest levels possible within the amateur rugby league framework, and ultimately construct its own clubhouse. These goals underscore the club’s commitment to growth, community engagement, and the promotion of rugby league as a vital part of Mirfield’s cultural and sporting landscape.

In summary, the relaunch of Mirfield ARLFC represents not only the continuation of a historic club but also the rebirth of a community’s passion for rugby league. With a focus on sustainability, youth development, and community partnership, the club is poised to write new chapters in its distinguished history, fostering a love for the sport among new generations in Mirfield.



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